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Visit the Photo of The Week for a peek at the treasures Lydia's book, "Sealed With A KISS" contains.

Lydia's life on the printed page is amazingly graphic in the self-published Sealed With A Kiss (filled with visual mementos galore), punctuating a journey few ever get to experience. Filled with humor, tender moments and thrilling highs, Criss was there from inception, and has captivated the KISS ascendancy with an immediacy and personality like no book ever!

Sealed with a KISS second printing (REVISED AND EXPANDED) now in stock and shipping

You can now purchase the second printing of "Sealed with a KISS" on the Products page. The second printing has been expanded to include additional photos and text.

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AM/FM Magazine Interview Online

In December's episode, your hosts Paul Doty and Roman Guzman talk with Lydia Criss, who was immortalized in KISS's ballad "Beth." KISS Destroyer was produced by Bob Ezrin and went platinum the same year it was released. Ezrin helped guide their sound and among the production flourishes Ezrin introduced to KISS were sound effects, strings, screaming children, reversed drums (on "God of Thunder") and a children's choir. The song "Great Expectations" uses the first phrase of the main theme from the second movement of Beethoven's Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, opus 13 "Pathétique."

Hear the interview at:

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KISSfaq Interview Part II

Book Review - Sealed With A KISS

by Christa Titus When singer/guitarist Paul Stanley thought of the name "KISS" for his band in 1973, drummer Peter Criss' then-wife, Lydia, wasn't convinced. The group "wanted everyone to remember them just as they remembered their first KISS," she writes in "Sealed With A KISS." "My reaction was the name was too soft, too girlish. Shows what I know."

Turns out she knows a lot. Lydia lived the rock star wife's dream of watching her husband rise to stardom, rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Alice Cooper, buying a mansion as her starter home and partying the nights away. She also suffered the spousal nightmare of infidelity, divorce, legal hassles and financial hardship. Having survived both sides of the coin to become a professional photographer, Lydia looks back on her life in a self-published tome that completely cleans the vaults. Her history is presented in a four-color tome designed like a high school yearbook crossed with a tour program that can sit on a shelf next to the family album.

To read the review click here.

Lydia Interview At Classic Rock Revisited

Jeb Wright recently did an in depth interview with Lydia. Read it at

Press Release - Sealed With A KISS
by Lydia Criss

In the 1970s, KISS conquered the world of rock, redefined it, owned it. But there were no looks behind the curtain, no glimpses behind the masks of makeup, blood and hype. Until now. Sealed With A KISS brings us an uncompromising frontline look at KISS's legendary glory years and their storybook rise to unprecedented rock and roll fame.

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2006 Interview with KISS Kollector

In 2006 Lydia was interviewed for KISS Kollector Magazine about her upcoming release of Sealed With A KISS

To read the interview click here.

2005 Interview with KISS Kollector

In 2005 Lydia was interviewed for KISS Kollector Web site following her successful Rock Auction of her personal KISS memorabilia.

To read the interview click here.

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