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Interview with KISS Kollector

by Joop van Pelt 2005

An Insiders post-auction perspective at Lydia Criss' big KISS: The Early Years Auction

Click for enlargement and captionFor the introduction I'd like to write to lead off the interview, please provide me with the following info:

Place and date of birth:

Lydia Criss: Brooklyn, New York, November 6th. All I can say is that I am younger than Cher.

What music did you grow up to:

LC: Rhythm & Blues, Classic Rock & Hard Rock

What are some of your favorite bands:

LC: The Beatles, The Stones, Queen, Aerosmith, U-2, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Cars (I could go on and on)

Please name some of the artists/albums/publications you did photography for

LC: I have photographed so many artists including all of the above it would be too long of a list to mention. I can say that the list goes from Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block to The Beatles & The Stones. I have had my photos published in books, magazines, calendars, T.V. shows, Lithograph, trading cards, etc., etc...


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