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Interview with KISS Kollector

by Joop van Pelt 2005


Click for enlargement and captionHow did the two of you end up working together on this auction? (Did Backstage Auctions contact you to see if you were interested or did you get in touch with Backstage Auctions?)

LC: We were originally introduced by Sean Delaney and became friends from that day forward.

Was the success of Backstage Auctions' previous auctions of any importance in the decision to do the KISS: The Early Years auction or did both of you want to do this auction anyway?

LC: I agree with Jacques. I always wanted to be able to show the fans "my treasures". I used to bring some of my scrap books to The KISS Conventions and the fans would go wild. I knew at that point that I had something interesting. Jacques made me realize that I had something Historic.

Lydia, why did you decide to sell your personal collection?

I felt it was time. Peter would always say that "When we grow old together, we can sit in our rocking chairs and look at all of this stuff and reminisce." Since my divorce, 25 years ago, I realized that this will never happen, so started to let go of my KISS memorabilia as far back as 1981. I have scanned most of my collection, and plan to use the scans in my forthcoming book.

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