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Interview with KISS Kollector

by Joop van Pelt 2005

Click for enlargement and captionWasn't it hard to part with so many of your items? Don't you think you'll regret some of it within a few years?

LC: There were some items that I felt were hard to part with, but I still have some stuff left. I didn't get rid of everything. Sure I will probably regret getting rid of some of the items, (especially when I see them going for three times the price on E-bay in two months) but people have to move on and this is my first step forward. I don't have children to leave any of this to, so before my family just throws everything away, for lack of knowledge, I thought I would share my collection with the people that it means so much to.

Whereas I can imagine that you're glad you sold specific items (as it must be great to have more space at home now), I don't think I would ever be able to part with extremely personal stuff like - in your case - a wedding dress. Why did you even include pieces like that, is it perhaps your way of saying goodbye to the 'era' of your years with Peter and KISS?

LC: It is something I will NEVER WEAR AGAIN, and as I said in answer to the previous question, I do not have children, so I have no one to pass it down to. I also got the idea when I went to "The Official KISS Convention" at Roseland in New York City and a couple got married with KISS makeup on and Paul Stanley was the Best Man. I said to myself, if someone would go that far, maybe someone would like to get married in my wedding dress. I really don't know who bought it, whether it is a female or a male, or whether the winner will wear it or just display it, but that is one thing that I might regret years from now.

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