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Lydia Criss Biography

Lydia ended up earning rock celebrity status in her own right as the inspiration for KISS's Top 10 hit single "Beth" for which she accepted The People's Choice Award for "Favorite New Song of 1976" in February 1977.

Click for enlargement and captionKISS's massive worldwide appeal in the 1970's would see them publicized in every teen, rock, and entertainment magazine that one could possibly think of, and Lydia herself was certainly no stranger to features in print media from around the world. The much-publicized 1978 split between Lydia and Peter would make headlines in both People Magazine and The New York Post, and she was also pictured and quoted in a biography about her renowned divorce lawyer, Marvin Mitchelson.

Click for enlargement and captionLeft to care for the couple's Greenwich, Connecticut mansion alone, Lydia quickly realized she needed a career and enrolled in photography classes at the prestigious New School in Greenwich Village as well as studying law at Hunter College. With that knowledge in tow, Lydia melded her newfound love of photography with her passion for rock and roll and began professionally photographing her favorite rock stars, along with many of her rock and roll friends.


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