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Interview with KISS Kollector

by Joop van Pelt 2006

(reprinted from the August 2006 issue of KISS Kollector magazine)

Lydia Criss: "The heydays of KISS were hectic, chaotic, wild and wonderful. It was a blast."

In October, Lydia Criss' long awaited autobiography Sealed With A KISS will be released - exclusively via her website. The amazing book (see exclusive preview on page 36 - expect a review next issue) will be divided in three sections: 1966 - 1973; 1974 - 1979; 1980 - present. The planned bonus chapter with "deleted photos" and a chapter listing over 500 gigs Peter Criss did prior to joining KISS, as mentioned in the previous issue, didn't make the final version of the book. Without a doubt, Sealed With A KISS will quickly become one of the most popular KISS books ever having seen the light of day. It will appeal both to fans who love seeing never before published (vintage) photos from the band, and also to fans who love reading inside stories from the band's long career. Shortly before the book will be upon us, we thought it's a good time for yet another exclusive interview with Lydia, so here goes...

Your book Sealed With A KISS was first being announced back in 1998, a year later you finished the transcript and meanwhile you've scanned 1,500 images. And finally, the book will be out shortly. How excited are you?


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