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Interview with KISS Kollector

by Joop van Pelt 2006

"My very talented editors."

The first section chronicles your life from the first day you met Peter up 'til the birth of KISS. Without giving away too much from the book, what were the highlights for you during those 7 years?

"Wow, there were so many highlights for me. Some were: first meeting and marrying Peter; going to Europe on our honeymoon; KISS playing The Diplomat; and KISS recording their first album."

What was Peter like in those early days?

"Peter was a very fun-loving person. He was very determined and self-confident. He had a personality that everyone fell in love with."

Did you ever expect KISS to make it big when they were struggling in the club circuit?

"Although Peter played clubs for years and years, KISS really didn't struggle that much on the club circuit. The band was a work in progress and they only played a little more than a dozen times before they met Bill Aucoin in August 1973."

In the second section you'll focus on the years from 1974 - 1979, during which period KISS became the number one band and broke several records. You were pretty much in the middle of all this, how would you describe those exciting years?

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