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"I've been immersed in your book since receiving my copy. What a terrific job you did!
Your narrative is very well written. You made it both personal as well as informative, something that's not always easy. Your printer did exceptional work with the photos, layout and graphics.
It's really a top quality job."

Chris Lendt

"I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your book, you did a fantastic job!"

All the best,
Tommy Thayer

"I am the former webmaster of Kissonline, from 98-05, and just wanted to say what a fantastic job you did assembling your book.This is something every KISS fan would love."

Thank You.
Michael Brandvold

"The photos were amazing, the attention to detail outstanding, and the writing was very personable."
Scott Engel

"There is nothing else out there than can match your perspective and insight into Peter and the band in the early days."
Tracy Veillette

"It arrived today and is blowing me away, what an amazing book!!"

"I just want to compliment you on the incredible detail and accuracy with PROOF of what really happened."

"I just received my copy of Sealed with a KISS and I must say, I am completely blown away. I have been a KISS fan since 1975 and this ranks near the top of the list of the best books ever released on the band, in my opinion."
Allen Dunn

"The photos totally rocked...many of them I have never seen. Much effort was put into this project and I commend you for your strength, patience, and time in delivering the ultimate Kiss collection to all fans. Congratulations on a job well done!"
Stephanie Williams

"Sealed With A Kiss is already the BEST published work on the band BAR NONE, and the fact that the focus of the book is Peter and yourself (and NOT another Gene and Paul story) makes it truly special."
Rocky DiCarlo,

"I just finished reading the book and it is fabulous!!!! All the photos from the seventies are awesome. I really enjoyed it."

"I have been patiently waiting for many years for a book like this. You truly know exactly what the people want. Congratulations!"

"Very impressed!! I think it is better than KISSTORY. The pics, the quality of paper, and the history you have to give, is far beyond anything else that has surfaced."
Lee Johnson

"I received your book not really knowing what to expect, but I just wanted to write and let you know I thought it was GREAT. Worth every penny. The photos and stories were great, the printing was top-notch, the artwork and graphic-work were great...I was really, really impressed."

"I received your book few weeks ago, and I must say that it is incredible!!!!!!
It is everything I was hoping for. The pictures are great, and the text is very compelling. I couldn't stop reading it once I started."

Michael Rose

"The book is a great read and the photos are what we have been asking for for many years now."
Adam M. Stuart, M.D.

"The book is beautifully presented & there has never been a more fascinating account of the history of the band."
Richard Buffett

"I will definitely spread the word to other fans I know that they HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK! After being a fan since 1987, and collecting many books on the band. This ranks up there with the book KISSTORY! Congratulations on a job well done"
Michael Matt


"I couldn't believe how well put together it was and how great the photo's looked.
This is a must for every Kiss fan."


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